CSP’s are facing constant challenges in the social networking and big data driven digital era. New age communication & internet data driven tools such as Facebook, What’s App and Twitter, have dramatically reduced the traditional profits of telecom operators for SMS and voice calls, and they are trying hard to avoid becoming just simple data facilitators.

Mobile Internet and big data will create tremendous opportunities for CSP’s. Mobile internet is expected to be boom in the coming years.

Telecom operators are under ever increasing pressure to enhance customer loyalty and retention by improving customer experience, streamline operations and maximize revenues by minimizing Capex. Network evolution over the years from traditional copper to Fiber and now 4G/LTE and FTTx networks are creating new opportunities but also present unique challenges in the form of unconventional competition. These trends are forcing the CSP’s to evolve and be more than just a quintessential voice and data services provider.

With over 30 years of collective experience providing value added services and solutions to the telecom industry, DHVS’s extensive GIS and engineering expertise can help our customers unearth superior ROI from their GIS deployments.

Our founders have a great track record of successfully helping CSPs achieve their operational and business goals by delivering quality on time and within the budget solutions that meet needs.

As your trusted solution provider and partner, we tap into our in-depth industry experience in network planning, design and operations to help you manage your network inventory effectively whether its minimizing network design costs or new network rollouts.

We offer a wide variety of services spanning areas such as

Network Planning and Design to GIS
Physical and Logical Inventory Solutions
Business Processes & Management
System Design
At DHVS, we don’t believe in offering a one size fits all or cookie-cutter solutions to our clients. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of each customer in order to ensure their success.