Third test blog post

Trying to add many posts to see what they look like.  Right now it is all very plain looking.  But at least, everything seems to be working as expected.  As a user, once I submit for review, it looks like I could “take over” editing and kick admin or editor out of editing the post.  Once the blog has been published, I am not allowed to edit it anymore.  However, the admin or editor could.

I need to add the plugin that does spell checking while in edit mode.  I also need to see what happens when I submit for review, and then changes need to be made.

[Admin]  I am reviewing this blog post…

I am not going to publish.  My only option is to Save as pending.


[Contributor]  Looks like I have the ability to take over editing from whoever is looking at my blog post (before it is published).   I then can “restore” their changes…or just see what is different and keep what I had.

[Admin] There is a list of all the different revisions made.  Might look into adding the Note’s plugin to see how that looks.  Also need to look into what a user can see in their admin windows more.  See if they can change their passwords and such.  I already can see that if they use the Gravatar website, they can add their own custom photo for their user.  I also have spell check for my editing screen on my machine, but there is no spell check for the testUser on their machine.  ??  Need to figure out why.